About the conference

River Flow has become since 2002 a major international conference in river engineering and fluvial hydraulics. It is a unique occasion to present and discuss the latest scientific researches, and to communicate with scientists, engineers, and researchers involved in areas such as fluvial flow and structure processes or sediment transport.

River Flow 2018 will focus on the latest findings in the field of fluvial hydraulics, addressing fundamental issues related to fluid processes of sediments and pollutants in rivers. More practical issues related to river morphodynamics, river restoration, and river interaction with structures will be discussed.

Finally, a specific theme on extreme events (flood, drought) is proposed. Several master classes dedicated to graduate students and young researchers will be organized and led by recognized international experts on topics in hydrodynamics, mixing, morphology, flood hazard and sediment transport.

For a complete presentation of the conference, please see https://riverflow2018.irstea.fr

Paper submission

Paper submission is now open. Authors of accepted abstracts have been informed.

For instructions to authors, please refer to https://riverflow2018.irstea.fr/paper_submission/

Main requests for your full paper submission:

  1. upload only PDF file (mandatory); check it as explained on paper submission webpage
  2. Nb_pages ≤ 8 and ≥ 5 (mandatory)
  3. You can choose between oral or poster presentation

Full paper submission no later than January 31. Warning: there will be no deadline extension.

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